Sunday, September 22, 2013

September Needlepoint Magazine, the Quail's Quill.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Sampler of Serengeti by Pamela Harding


" Invoking the colors of Africa, Serengeti is a study in adjusting stitch elements to fit an area, rather than just compensating. Forty-five blocks of various sizes provide interest and diversity with multiple stitch variations. Threads used to create Serengeti are derived from an over dyed Waterlilies using a variety of silk, bamboo, and metallic threads. Come join us on the journey! "  is Pamela Harding's description of this class.

Talented Pamela Harding will be teaching this design at the shop in April 2014. We are just 
working on the details , so watch for these on the website, Facebook and this blog.
There is a great article about Pamela in the latest issue of Needlepoint Now. Not only  accomplished in needlepoint , Pamela is working on her teacher certification for Japanese Embroidery. I enjoyed a Japanese Embroidery class we both were in  and observed first hand her exquisite stitching. 

The design will be offered both on congress cloth and 18 mesh canvas.  It is 9"x9" on congress cloth and 12"x12" on 18 mesh canvas.

Pamela writes further " My teaching goal for this piece became a study in adapting stitches to fill an area, rather than compensating. This approach tricks the eye, seeing what it thinks it should see, even though many stitches are not standard repeats to fill the blocks. Many are modified in such a way that the viewer doesn’t even realize the stitches have been adjusted to fit the area."

See you in class!