Sunday, September 22, 2013

September Needlepoint Magazine, the Quail's Quill.

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Sampler of Serengeti by Pamela Harding


" Invoking the colors of Africa, Serengeti is a study in adjusting stitch elements to fit an area, rather than just compensating. Forty-five blocks of various sizes provide interest and diversity with multiple stitch variations. Threads used to create Serengeti are derived from an over dyed Waterlilies using a variety of silk, bamboo, and metallic threads. Come join us on the journey! "  is Pamela Harding's description of this class.

Talented Pamela Harding will be teaching this design at the shop in April 2014. We are just 
working on the details , so watch for these on the website, Facebook and this blog.
There is a great article about Pamela in the latest issue of Needlepoint Now. Not only  accomplished in needlepoint , Pamela is working on her teacher certification for Japanese Embroidery. I enjoyed a Japanese Embroidery class we both were in  and observed first hand her exquisite stitching. 

The design will be offered both on congress cloth and 18 mesh canvas.  It is 9"x9" on congress cloth and 12"x12" on 18 mesh canvas.

Pamela writes further " My teaching goal for this piece became a study in adapting stitches to fill an area, rather than compensating. This approach tricks the eye, seeing what it thinks it should see, even though many stitches are not standard repeats to fill the blocks. Many are modified in such a way that the viewer doesn’t even realize the stitches have been adjusted to fit the area."

See you in class!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New from Columbus June Market 2013

 New items for you to view.  Details of each design will be added shortly.

New from Melissa Shirley


 New from Lani

New From Labors of Love

 New from ETC Needle Buddies
 New from  Rebecca Woods

New from JP

New from  Associated Talents

More to follow tomorrow


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Sampler of Patriotic Designs

Home of the Brave, Freedom, Liberty By Sandra Gilmore
Memorial Day marks the official start of summer!  As we prepare to enjoy a weekend of beautiful weather, friends, family, barbeques and  for some days at the beach, let us reflect on this holiday:  
            To honor and remember all those who gave their lives for our country. 
 Let us pay homage to those who sacrificed everything in the name of securing freedom for others.
Let us also remember the individuals currently serving around the globe.  May God bless them and their families and keep them safe.   
Wishing you and your family a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend from all of us at Quail Run Needlework!



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you are all having a wonderful Mother's Day.

 Here is a peek of my special event for this weekend. The colors,wonderful fragrances and music in these gardens make each so special. Add a nice glass of wine and you have the perfect day.

I could not think of a better canvas to share with you than the one my 92 year old friend is stitching in honor of her mother who was a milliner. Her mother had piercing blue eyes and curly black hair.

Beads will be added to the earrings and bracelets to add some more sparkle.
Look at all those French knots!  Boucle was used for the hair to give it that tight curl permanent look. (Who remember those permanents? !) The hat was stitched with Rainbow linen in a t stitch to let the shading show through.The plan is to basket weave the dress in silk with the chair being done in velvet. Isn't Bun doing a great job! A wonderful tribute to her mother.
Will keep you posted on her progress.

Enjoy the day !


Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Quail's Quill - May 2013 Edition

It's finally here, The Quail's Quill. Enjoy! 

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More from Dallas Market

New great colors in Fuzzy Stuff and Whisper from Rainbow Gallery along with
pretty laying tools.

Of course had to restock our magnets-here are the latest to add to your collection.

 Here is the latest from Leigh designs , Caribe designs that are on on French blue canvas.

"Be swept away with the trade winds to islands of endless beaches, swaying coconut palms and Calypso — exotic libations await, complete with parasols — CaribĂ© !"

Here is the link to view more in this series.

Hope you enjoyed just a few of the new designs , tools and accessories that will be in the store as soon as I get the trunks unpacked today. Some were ordered so will be coming soon. 

See you soon!

News from Dallas Market

It is always great fun to go to market.  Here is a look at the window display with the new Quail Run Designs I did for this spring market.

The theme this year was "There is No Business like Sew Business".
Fleur de Paris had a spectacular theme and we all go to "walk the red carpet" in to their sales room.

Owls are very popular and here are a few new canvases for you to stitch.

Don't you just love these new designs of hedgehogs and a funky peacock.
More projects for you animal lovers-
A few oriental designs - a wonderful fan and two purse fronts.

New elegant projects bags and matching trays.


Chili pepper Santa from Liz- a special  request from a customer.

Beach cat canvas
Plenty of time to stitch this piece before Christmas.
Colorful desert scene which would make a great pillow.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Sampler on Lavender

I stitched these teapots for a dear friend who like me loves tea .

Both have a darning pattern background to give them that old fashioned lace look. The colors are white and lavender as those are the colors of her kitchen. The gold spouts and stems add a little elegance . They were stitched using Kreinik #12 braid along with City Silk and Gloriana silk floss.  My friend always has a vase filled with lavender stalks gracing her kitchen with its sweet scent both soothing and purifying the air.  Lavender belongs to the mint family  and has been documented for  use of over 2500  years. Egyptians used it for mummification processes. It was used as a perfume by the Phoenicians and the Romans used the oils for bathing, cooking and scenting the air.  In the world of aroma therapy, it is used as a top note and sweetness that gives "fruity aspects" to perfumes and other scented products. Did you know mosquitoes and moths hate the smell. The friend's kitchen loves lavender and cooking with this herb she tells me is said to ease digestive problems. Herbs d'Provence typically contains lavender  and cans be used as a savory pinch to any meat or soup dish. She uses the lavender buds sprinkled over a salad to bring as a bright colorful addition to its greens, and has been know to drop a few into a glass of champagne or has them mixed into a chocolate cake recipe creating  an aromatic enchantment. 

Have a great Sunday and Happy Stitching.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Japanese Embroidery and Beading Class

Time has flown by and we are having our spring Japanese Embroidery class.
The classes are three time a year in April, July, and November for five days with both embroidery and beading being taught.  

Need a new purse? One of the ladies is beading her bag in copper tones. The original bag was in taupe and black . These colors are so beautiful. Stop by and see this work in progress. The pictures do not show the true colors.

For those of you who knit , you are familiar with a yarn ball winder or swift
like this one.
This is a handy gadget for winding a metal thread on a bobbin ,which then is wound on small komas to make placement of the thread easier on the silk.
Well, our swift seems to be hiding so we improvised with some borrowed cans. I am sure you will chuckle .

 Another lovely piece in progress is this one which shows part of the cords and fan.  The tissue covers the worked areas so the threads are not snagged or disturbed as the new areas are stitched.

This is the Mother of Pearl bag in progress. This gold fabric is very unforgiving so you have to think twice and stitch once !

There is a lot of prework with some of these pieces and here is the basting stitch on what will be a gorgeous geisha , Eternal Grace.

 Of course there we are all shopping , purchasing just that right color of silk and one or more of the new projects . Here is one I am considering which is so serene and beautiful. It is titled Silent Communications.

The piece is 29" x 24" on Monmuji-dyed silk and is stitched with a family of greens that is just so serene. 

Here is another phase piece in progress which is a study of cords.
 Our class will be in session of the last day  tomorrow. So if you have time on Monday , stopped by and enjoy the projects in progress.

Have a wonderful Sunday!