Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Sampler of kimonos

It is always so interesting to see different interpretations of the same canvas.
Here is a picture and some close ups of the Wisteria kimono canvas that is a shop model. The flowers are all done in silk ribbon , adding dimension and elegance to the piece. The background is worked in silk and metallic.

Now here is the link to pictures of  the same piece Rose Cherry-Soleil is stitching.
  wisteria kimono
She is using beads and silk ribbons on the flowers and a lattice pattern background. 

Here are more pictures of some great kimonos in the shop.
All are  10 x 12 on 18 mesh . The first three can be finished with open arms to hang on a small black lacquer stand.  My favorite is the one with the lanterns. Just need more hours in the day for all the stitching I want to accomplish!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Sampler of Needlepoint purses

 I received a beautiful purse this past holiday . My son said it reminded  him of my needlepoint projects. It would  have really caught my eye as well as it has a bargello-type print and is  unique.   I love the chunky tortoiseshell strap contrasts beautifully with the print. It is unexpected and the overall effect is  polished and  coordinated.

Here is a sampling of beautiful purses stitched by talented customers.

Mindy design
   This design is complemented by the cloth handles and rings. Any of us would love to carry this beautiful purse. 

Oriental designs

   Small bag to carry with a patent leather  strap. It is perfect for an evening out.
 Butterfly design

  Another great design from Melissa Shirley finished with a rich brown leather.
Geometric design

   A customer liked an eyeglass case she made so well, she stitched
this coordinating clutch.

 Laurel Burch design

     Purple is this customer's favorite color, so this fun design became a
small purple tote.

So when you are looking at your stash pieces, do not only think of finishing them as a framed piece or pillow-think purse or tote !

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sampler Sunday of Accessories

 We all love our needlework tools and accessories. Here is a sampling of what is new at the shop.

Buttons Snaps 

Your laying tool slips in the elastic of the button magnet to hold it in place while adding color and style to your canvas in progress.

Cotton Candy Scissors
A great inexpensive scissor with blunt, curved or sharp tip and a protective cover.

This is my favorite light as it is so versatile.

  • 3 diopter) magnification
  • Table-Top light or floor light
  • Portable battery adapter
  • 110 VAC power adapter
  • Includes table clip
  • 21 Extra-Large LED's

Flesh Tone Collections of Silk
Access Commodities has a collection of  Flesh Tone silks.This is the one for Medium Complexion flesh tones.  It includes 6 skeins of Au Ver A Soie, Soie d'Alger, 3 spools Au Ver A Soie, Sole Perlee, 3 spools Au Ver Soie, Soie 100/3.  An extensive User Guide  is included on how to use the threads to stitch a face.
5 kits of Flesh Tone Silks are offered:  Porcelain Complexion,  Medium Complexion, Mediterranean Complexion, Oriental Complexion & African American Complexion.  

Looking forward to the Winter Needlework/Knitting Market and finding more
tools and accessories for all of you. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Newsletter

January newsletter is online.
Enjoy the finishing pictures, velvet stitch diagrams, Neon Ray tips and much more!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paris Purse

Paris Purse

Carol and her family love Paris ,visiting there often. Here is the purse she stitched and we finished for her granddaughter. Already many compliments when we had it on display at the shop.

Here are some other fun canvases from Shelly Tribbey. All are 7" x 4 1/2" on 18 mesh.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Sampler of canvases

Here is a sample of   new canvases available in the shop. Looking for a 2013 project- consider a Nordic Star set, a brillant floral or a southwest design. 
Canvases on 18 mesh 15"x12" and 4" x 4"
Canvases on 18 and 13 mesh  10"x 8"  and 8"x10"

  The ladies and I will be glad to kit the piece with the stitch guide and threads for you . We are glad to help with any questions and assist you with your projects. 
Remember the  Winter Needlework market in coming up the first weekend in February . I will post pictures of new designs, tools, threads and lots of creative ideas for your projects. So watch the Facebook page and the blog for all the latest from the needlework world.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rebecca Wood Designs Trunk Show

Christmas stockings from traditional to humorous, lots of ornaments, banners, pillows, nativity,tree skirts and much more in Rebecca Wood Designs trunk show that has arrived .
    Rebecca Woods Designs website
Call the shop 480 551 1423 if we can send you one or stop in and enjoy the
entire trunk show. 

New colors of Silk and Ivory

Here are the latest great colors of Silk and Ivory.

   Bellini is the light peach while Mimosa is a darker peach.
Acorn Squash is a rust color was made for all the Texas Longhorn fans and is a nice rust color for fall leaves and such.  Regatta is a bright navy, a brighter version of the every popular Classic Navy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

As we start the New Year, all of us at Quail Run Needlework and Quail Run Designs wish to pause again and 
say THANK YOU for your patronage.  We are honored to have you in our
Quail Run family and to have earned your loyalty.

We wish you a great New Year!

Be well, enjoy life, and relax by stitching!

Susan , Barb C. , Merrill, Sandi , Barb M.  and Cindy