Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sampler Sunday of Accessories

 We all love our needlework tools and accessories. Here is a sampling of what is new at the shop.

Buttons Snaps 

Your laying tool slips in the elastic of the button magnet to hold it in place while adding color and style to your canvas in progress.

Cotton Candy Scissors
A great inexpensive scissor with blunt, curved or sharp tip and a protective cover.

This is my favorite light as it is so versatile.

  • 3 diopter) magnification
  • Table-Top light or floor light
  • Portable battery adapter
  • 110 VAC power adapter
  • Includes table clip
  • 21 Extra-Large LED's

Flesh Tone Collections of Silk
Access Commodities has a collection of  Flesh Tone silks.This is the one for Medium Complexion flesh tones.  It includes 6 skeins of Au Ver A Soie, Soie d'Alger, 3 spools Au Ver A Soie, Sole Perlee, 3 spools Au Ver Soie, Soie 100/3.  An extensive User Guide  is included on how to use the threads to stitch a face.
5 kits of Flesh Tone Silks are offered:  Porcelain Complexion,  Medium Complexion, Mediterranean Complexion, Oriental Complexion & African American Complexion.  

Looking forward to the Winter Needlework/Knitting Market and finding more
tools and accessories for all of you. 

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