Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Japanese Embroidery and Beading Class

Time has flown by and we are having our spring Japanese Embroidery class.
The classes are three time a year in April, July, and November for five days with both embroidery and beading being taught.  

Need a new purse? One of the ladies is beading her bag in copper tones. The original bag was in taupe and black . These colors are so beautiful. Stop by and see this work in progress. The pictures do not show the true colors.

For those of you who knit , you are familiar with a yarn ball winder or swift
like this one.
This is a handy gadget for winding a metal thread on a bobbin ,which then is wound on small komas to make placement of the thread easier on the silk.
Well, our swift seems to be hiding so we improvised with some borrowed cans. I am sure you will chuckle .

 Another lovely piece in progress is this one which shows part of the cords and fan.  The tissue covers the worked areas so the threads are not snagged or disturbed as the new areas are stitched.

This is the Mother of Pearl bag in progress. This gold fabric is very unforgiving so you have to think twice and stitch once !

There is a lot of prework with some of these pieces and here is the basting stitch on what will be a gorgeous geisha , Eternal Grace.

 Of course there we are all shopping , purchasing just that right color of silk and one or more of the new projects . Here is one I am considering which is so serene and beautiful. It is titled Silent Communications.

The piece is 29" x 24" on Monmuji-dyed silk and is stitched with a family of greens that is just so serene. 

Here is another phase piece in progress which is a study of cords.
 Our class will be in session of the last day  tomorrow. So if you have time on Monday , stopped by and enjoy the projects in progress.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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