Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beading with Carolyn Sherman

I took another wonderful beading class from Carolyn Sherman last weekend.
I learned how to place a cabochon on fabric then place beads using back stitch and peyote beading to encase it.  There were lots of places to use stacked beads. Lines of beads were stitched on curved lines  in stacks, graduated stacks and ruffles. Tiny leaf fringes were made. It was so much fun and  all of these techniques can be used on future stitching projects. 

Carolyn provided us with a list of very used hints when using beads;
1. Do not crowd beads. 
        It is better to give them some "wiggle room" so they do not buckle.
2. Keep a medium tension.
3. If a line of beads does not look straight, weave through the entire line again . This will straighten the row.
4. Make a tiny tack stitch over the beading thread to pull a bead into place.
5. To make a sharp corner, sink the needle at the corner. Then , bring it up close to where the needle went down to stitch a right angle.

  In September , a beading class will start with a series of lessons on these
and many other techniques for canvas enhancement. Watch the website and newsletter for information. Beading is certainly addictive!

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