Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update on Seashell Pail Class

We had an interesting class as three of the gals joined us on Skype. The HD webcam does produce wonderful laptop screen images. Our class was visited by spouses, children, grandchildren and a variety of pets making it lots of fun. 
We all worked on the pail today . Three colors of silk alone and in combination were worked  in a Double Hungarian stitch. We were all pleased with the result of these combinations . The handle and rim were done in wrapped back stitch using one of the silk colors of the pail for the back stitch , then wrapping with a fine metallic braid.  To make the ridges on the pail , a repousse' technique was used with  3 strands of perle' cotton as the core and a silk for the wrapping thread.  Then one strand of the silk was used to couch this in place.I find the key here is to anchor the core thread on the canvas then begin wrapping. I think 8 of these repousse' will  complete each of the two ridged areas. One was placed at the top just beneath the rim of the pail. Our last area in class was the starfish. Having worked hard on the repousse', we all enjoyed doing French knots for the starfish. Our last class we be on the stitches for the white and gold border, so look for those next week. See you all then!

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