Thursday, November 29, 2012

News about the Old Crow Series Class

The Old Crow series by Leigh Richardson, Leigh Designs are so great it is hard to chose just one . The original plan for the class was to have Sandy Arthur
teach "Night Cap" but after several questions about other designs from ladies 
taking the class , two of the other designs will also be offered for this class.
          Night Cap                                  Fast Friends                            Squashed                                                                                                         
You can take the class and chose from one of the three designs above. 
I collect scarecrows , so I will be doing Fast Friends. See you in class or also available as home study. Class is Feb 5/6 , 2013 .
Call the shop for details- 480 551 1423.

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  1. I've loved the scarecrow since I first saw this and stitched the one with the witch ball. Good luck in class. Sandy did an amazing job with her martini glass one.