Monday, November 26, 2012

Stitches for Letters

A frequent question I am asked it what stitches to use for letters. Your choice will depend on whether you want a quick stitch or something more detailed.
I enjoy detailed work with intricate stitches but it is nice to have a quick and easy stitch as times  with so many models and class projects to stitch for the shop.

                    Here are the stitches used above: 

                      1. Baby Brick
                     2. Checkerboard Cross with silk and metallic
                     3. Tied Brick with silk and metallic
                     4. Slanted Cross with Frosty Rays and beads
                     5. Diagonal Mosaic with metallic

As you can see you can mix silk, metallics and beads. Of course ,if the letters are small it is best to use continental with an interesting thread. 
Other stitches that I like for letters are
                     1. Horizontal Lattice
                     2. Double Hungarian
                     3. Alternating Satin
                     4. Open Romanian.

You can experiment on the edge of your canvas with different stitches until you find the one that you like the best. 


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