Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Sampler of Charted Needlepoint

The Nashville Needlework market is a cross-stitch and charted needlepoint
market. Nashville offers great food, music and culture so is a wonderful place for a market. Here are some of the wonderful charted needlepoint designs  that I am bringing back to the shop on Monday.

 Needle Delights Originals include multiple colorsways.

Here is what designer Kathy Rees says about my favorite new design on the right, called BlackJack
"All of my new releases for market are done and printed...whew! The last completed was BlackJack and I designed and stitched the whole piece in 12 days! Of course it was in my head for months before coming out on the canvas! There are 324 squares in the piece and 292 unique patterns (36 squares were completely filled with the Jacks and are all the same! I love bright colors so this was a really fun piece for me. It's hard to believe it didn't exist a month ago and now it's here - I feel like it's my new baby!"
What a great project this will be to stitch.

Debbie Rowley, the talented designer behind DebBee's Designs has exciting new projects to entice and challenge you.

 This is Twinkling Gems, debuting a new thread, Twinkle, rayon/metallic blend. This is a very user friendly thread that has been ordered for the shop . 

From Nancy's  Needle designs by Nancy Buhl, come new additions to her "American Life' series.  This one really caught my eye and so is coming back to the shop.

 Charted needlepoint can be done in your colors , so another way to customize your stitched pieces. Lots of other charted designs coming back to the shop for your stitching enjoyment. See you soon!


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