Friday, July 27, 2012

Color Confidence

In working on a piece I am designing, I use several colour books for inspiration. I have found that two important factors come into play when choosing colours- what the colour will be next to and how much of the colour will be used. For those gifted with artistic talent, colour is easy but for most of us it is a challenge. I wanted to share with you this great book by Trish Burr that a friend introduced me to when we were discussing colour.

" From colour selection and blending to choosing complimentary colours and creative contrasting and shading, it highlights a variety of techniques for surface and counted thread embroidery projects. More than 200 stitched examples with DMC thread keys, plus colour schemes and projects such as roses, fruits, and birds will inspire stitchers. " Trish Burr is well know for her expertise on needle painting ,writing several book and teaching to promote her love for embroidery. When asked where she finds the time in her busy live to stitch, she states "I don't find time, I make it."
What I like best in this book are the Harmonizing Schemes, combinations for each color group and the Design Schemes. Each scheme provides  DMC thread suggestions, that I then use to select a variety of different textured threads to enhance a design. 

Just a suggestion for an addition to your library of needlework books that is very useful.

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