Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seashell Pail Class

Here is our class progress on this wonderful canvas by Melissa Shirley Designs.
 The edges of the green shell were done in the buttonhole stitch with Kreinik braid and a step pattern in silk was used on the shell. For the rust shell, we stitch encroaching gobelin then placed the dark lines on the outside of the shell in outline stitch. A color copy of the canvas ( a must for all projects) was used for placement of these dark lines. Couched lines were used for the outside of the shell. The gold shell was stitched with an overdye in a staggered cross pattern. Another overdye was used to stitch the staggered mosaic pattern for the spotted shell. Bullions were the best stitch for the coral. 
Next class we will work on the other shells, seahorse , crab and urchin. it is fun to share these stitches but some of the gals had great ideas of their own , so each canvas will have their personal touch.  So lots of options were discussed  and tried on the edges of our canvases .

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