Saturday, February 16, 2013

Retreat Class

After the winter needlework market, I scheduled a Japanese Embroidery class
at the Blue Bonnet Studio Retreat in Austin, Texas. It is great to be able to concentrate on my stitching which is near impossible at a class at the shop.
Here is my work station ready for a great day of stitching.
 This is the class project stitched and designed by our teacher, Midori Matsushima I chose to work on.
 I was please with my progress in the morning on this leaf.

In the afternoon, I progressed to another leaf at the lower right corner of the design with two colors and will post pictures tomorrow. I got busy chatting with friends at break, seeing what other classes were doing andso  forgot to take more pictures. Tomorrow , I will be working on the circle and the screen under the teacher's watchful eye. If find this very peaceful and meditative as I concentrate on this beautiful design. Off to read and get a good nights rest!

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