Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Funky Hearts

I find counted needlework a challenge but at the same time relaxing You can personalize a design by using your own colors. Pictured here is Funky Hearts , by Needle Delights stitched by a customer . This was a project in the ANG guild and it is interesting to see the results as each piece is different. This stitcher used bright primary colors and the result is fabulous. The piece is off to the finisher. So we all can  look forward to seeing the finished pillow. If you have not tried a counted piece, take this opportunity to look at designs by 
Needle Delights, Laura Perin, Carolyn Mitchell to name just a few. The designs and color choices are  all so marvelous. 
Here is another  example of a counted piece designed by Richard Seekins that has been very popular . 

 Two more interesting and colorful counted designs for you to enjoy.

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