Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Painted Pony Trunk Show

The Painted Pony Trunk Show arrived with lots of  new special angels and ornaments just for you!
Here is a little history on  talented designer , Debbie Woodard.

"I began designing needlepoint in 1989, after working for several years in a needlepoint shop in Austin, Texas. After designing custom canvases for the store’s customers, I was asked to develop a line to show at the store’s annual Christmas-In-July event. I did - the designs were a hit - and the line was born.

The name of the company reflects my love of art and design and the original goal for the use of the money I was going to make painting those first needlepoint designs: to purchase my first horse - a dream since childhood. Painted Pony Designs grew quickly; so quickly, in fact, that it wasn’t until Christmas of 2000 that I had time to fulfill my childhood dream - in the guise of a Christmas gift to my daughter, Christina - when Santa gave Christina a horse on Christmas morning. His name is Dandy and he is the inspiration behind our many new pieces we introduce each year. "

Here is the website to browse
See you soon or call us ( 480 551 1423) to place your order.

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