Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meet the Material Girls

During this season of giving and receiving, I wanted to share the work of two groups with you.
Many of you who belong to an American Needlepoint Guild are familiar with the Kissing Pillows.

These are small keepsakes for children and loved ones of deploying soldiers and also for the departing soldiers. The loved ones kiss the pillow and give it to the departing soldier. Not only does the soldier receive a pillow, so does the family. The soldier kisses a pillow for each family member to hold onto until the safe return from war. It is a comfort for the entire family during the lonely times for the soldiers and for the families left behind.This idea started several years ago and was picked up by the American Needlepoint Guild, a national organization which has chapters and members in every state.
Your local needlework guild can provide you with information if you are interested in stitching these.

Another group creating comfort items are the Material Girls, a special group of ladies who have been quilting together for nearly 10 years . They meet each Monday and are stitching quilts for injured servicemen and servicewomen. Here is the link and do look at the slide show of three pictures that shows  other pictures of these patriotic quilts. Kudos to this group!!

Meet The Material Girls: Quilting for Injured veterans

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