Saturday, December 22, 2012

Needlepoint at the White House Christmas

The history and beauty of Christmas at the White House give one a lot of inspiration for stitching projects. I was fascinated to watch how they created different design elements for this year's decorations. They made a life sized model of  the White House dog , Bo out of pompoms. 20.000 black and white were used.  I just ordered tiny pompoms for embellishing at the store so will try these on a poodle canvas I need to stitch and show you the results. ( I think even you cat lovers will enjoy this picture and the process !) You can see some of the decorations from previous years including needlepoint ornaments .

Over her eight White House holiday seasons, First Lady Hillary Clinton showcased the talents of America's artistic communities. . The 1995 "A Visit From St. Nicholas" tree featured pieces by architecture students and members of the American Institute of Architects. Stockings by the American Needlepoint Guild and the Embroiderers Guild of America also hung from its boughs.

The Saintly Stitchers of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas contributed to the “needle work” tree of 1991. They created a needlepoint village and 92 needlepoint figures for a wooden Noah’s Ark built by staff carpenters. 

Here are two links to view the 2012 White House Christmas
 HGTV White House Christmas

  White House Christmas 2012 
     There is even a delicious recipe for the White House "Ginger Crinkles".


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