Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday's Tip

Here is another questions I am asked frequently:

 How do I keep my tension consistent?

I think the hardest and most important thing to learn when stitching is tension.
Good tension comes with lots of practice and experience. If you tension is too tight, it will pull and distort the canvas. It it is too loose, there will be lumps on the front.  If there are no pulled areas or bumps and your stitching looks smooth,  your tension is great. 
Mood affects your tension. When you are frustrated or angry,  you will
pull harder. If you are too relaxed, your stitches may be loose. I find it interesting to watch stitchers as they stitch. The expression on their faces and grip on the needle, reveals what their tension will be like. So I like to take a deep breath,clear my mind and relax . I absorb myself in my stitching ,not other thoughts for the most consistent tension. Give it a try.

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