Monday, December 3, 2012

Needlepoint Tapestry Yarn

Waverly Wool is a product of Brown Sheep Company, a well-regarded supplier of knitting yarn. Waverly Wool is Brown Sheep’s three-ply, Persian-type tapestry yarn for needlepoint. Compared to Paternayan wool, this yarn is less hairy and is more consistent in size so it covers the canvas more effectively . Only one ply is needed for 13/14 mesh so a skein of Waverly will
cover more canvas. Available in 482 colors, most Paternayan color numbers can be converted to an equivalent color in Waverly Wool.
Of special note is that Brown Sheep Company is located in Mitchell, Nebraska.They raise the sheep,sheer them, dye, spin the yarn and skein the yarn colors. So this is a Made In America product from start to finish. The Navajo rug makers use only this yarn when they do not use their own yarn .
So give this product a try when you are looking for needlepoint wool for your project.

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